Who Are We ?
Who Are We ?

1 Who Are We ?

Atsu is a Saudi international company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specializing in information technology, analysis, and development of special systems and software. We believe that IDEAS come from everyone and everywhere. In fact, at Atsu, Our creative, passionate, specialized team can take any idea and turn it into reality.
Values & Beliefs
Values & Beliefs

2 Our creativity, our Jobs, our Lives, our passion, our business

We believe that ideas come from everyone, everywhere. In fact, at Atsu, everyone within our company walls is creative in their own right. We believe our ideas are unique, these ideas drive us, motivate us, and ultimately help redefine the power of our creative offering
Brilliant Minds
Brilliant Minds

3 Brilliant Minds

Experts in their fields, from diverse development - digital, creative, strategy, and PR - working together to create amazing ideas that connect with and influence audiences
Client Focus
Client Focus

4 Client Focus

We put our clients first and foremost, acting as an extension of their teams. Always responsive to their immediate needs, yet with the forward planning and experience to protect their interests long-term
Agile & Authentic
Agile & Authentic

5 Agile & Authentic

We adopt responsive agile offerings in which our teams are empowered to anticipate and deliver future client requirements. We conduct our business with honesty, humility, and trust. We do the right thing above all else
Result Driven
Result Driven

6 Result Driven

Results are what matter most. Our directors work hands-on with every client to generate results through business execution. They are ruthlessly focused on ensuring our work excels in meeting objectives and delivering a return on investment
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    Who Are We ?
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    Brilliant Minds
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    Client Focus
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    Agile & Authentic
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    Result Driven



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Computer Systems Analyst
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Rotary Drill Operator
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